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Video: How to Capture your Fashion Business Model in 20 mins


At Rogueline we are always experimenting with new tools and ideas.

What we have discovered is that there is so much great content out there that often never see’s the light of the day because it gets buried in irrelevant noise.

With this new segment, we are going to bring you curated best content from around the web that you can use and improve your business.

Created by: Ash Maurya

What you will learn:

•  It gives your simple way to capture your core business assumptions in 20 mins.

Who should watch it:

•  If you want to start your fashion business or revisit your business model to review its core layout, this is for you.


•  Use this a benchmark to guide you to define the business model for your fashion line.

•  Define who is your target market

•  How much are the willing to pay?

•  What problem are they having with current designer etc?


  1. Misha says:

    thanks for sharing, it is a huge time saver

    • Vishal Kalia says:

      your welcome 🙂

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