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How to Steal Michael Kors Best Performing Ads

Fashion marketing is very important for any fashion designer to drive traffic to your e-commerce website.
Driving traffic to your website is always a challenge and paid advertisements can get expensive, fast.
There is multitude of creative endowments that goes in to creating an ad copy that converts, especially the look and feel of the advertisement.
Big brands have whole marketing department designing and A/B testing the ads that maximize engagement and click thru.

But as an upcoming fashion designer, with small or sometimes no team, it is very difficult to run multiple ads and monitor analytics to see which one is converting the best.

But there is a solution, there are multiple tools that can help you see which one of your competitor’s ads are performing well, their design concepts, conversion metrics and more.

One of my favorites is MOAT, it can be extremely helpful in researching your competitor’s ads creatives to get ideas on creating our own ads. An example below shows 926 creative ads being run around the web by Michael Kors.

Go to
Enter any brands name, eg: Michael Kors and it shows you 926 different type of creatives Michael Kors is running around the web.
You can use these to get ideas for creating your next ad.
fashion marketing
Once you click on an ad, it shows basic details about the ad:
•  Ad Size
•  Activation Date
•  Brand Name
•  Ad Type
fashion marketing
There are lot other tools that you can also use to gain more information about competitors ads to help with your fashion marketing.
•  Adclarity
(P.S. We have no affiliation with any of these companies. )

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  1. Amanda says:

    Thanks for the list of resources, I’ll definitely be trying these out

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