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7 Email Opt-in Mistakes You Are Making & How to Fix Them


We are inundated with emails.

According to a study done by Radicati, Business users send and receive on average 121 emails a day in 2014, and this is expected to grow to 140 emails a day by 2018.

Business emails send per day are growing at a rate of 7% per year. 

WHOA, that’s a lot of emails.

email opt in mistakes

No wonder, the average consumer is skeptical about giving out their emails to businesses because they do not want to get bombarded with spam emails.

But, that does not mean that you should stop collecting emails and stop sending them. Even today, email is still the #1 way to connect with your customers.

As a fashion business owner, your email list is still the most critical marketing medium that would lead to high conversions.

And, I am sure you are doing whatever you can to grow your list. You are probably using Opt-in pop-ups for collecting emails from visitors (such as Optin Monster)

Which is great. But then why are website visitors not giving you their emails?

The answer, you might be making these 7 deadly mistakes that are killing your conversions.

Devan Ciccarelli from wrote an excellent post, discussing those mistakes.

7 Email Opt-in Mistakes You Are Making & How to Fix Them:

1, You created what your audience needed. 

2, You became too creative with your headline.

3, You are not capturing your visitor’s attention. 

4, Your opt-in form is asking too much information. 

5, You are not testing, what your visitors are responding to. 

6, Your opt-in form design is, umm vanilla

7, You have not built up enough trust, so customers are hesitant.


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