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18 Unconventional Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Boutique


If you are running a boutique, it’s always a challenge to drive foot traffic to your boutique. Typical boutiques use social media, google marketing etc to drive traffic but there are always unconventional ways.

In this post, we want to share 18 unconventional ways that you can use to drive traffic to your boutique.

Disclaimer: Some of the ideas might seem they are out there but trust me, they work and are fun to try 🙂

1, Water for Dogs

Imagine hot summer Saturday afternoon and people are walking around your neighborhood with their pets. People don’t carry water for the dogs but are often looking for a bowl of water if the dog gets thirsty.

Have a bowl of water ready for the dogs, so owners stop in front of your boutique. Becuase as their dogs drink water and they might come in.

2, USB Chargers

People often run out of battery on their phones and are looking for ways to charge it. It becomes an issue especially when you are walking outside your home. Provide indoor charging stations.

It will force them to stay in your boutique and look around as their phone is charging.

3, Blogger Night

Bring in a fashion blogger or stylist to create free looks for customers. Promote the event on social media and offer limited seats.

It would drive traffic into your store and lead to purchase.

4, In Store Check-in

Offer Discounts if customers check in at your store on a social network. The only way for them to check in would be to be inside your store. And when they check-in, their friends will see it and it will help you drive additional traffic.

5, Free Alterations

Offer FREE alterations on all your products. This would bring the customers back to your boutique.

It would give them a chance to check out new items.

6, Kids Wall

If your target customers have children, offer 1 drywall inside your boutique over the weekend where kids can draw freely.

This would bring the parents along and lead to a potential sale.

7, Free Hugs

Offer Free hugs to potential customers who pass by your boutique. This will install positive brand image w.r.t. your boutique and will make them smile.

8, Free Wi-Fi

Offer in-store FREE wifi. The user should be able to access if after they enter their email.

This would allow you to build your email list and get users to walk around your store.

9, Massage Chair

Offer travelers a place to sit and relax and get a massage. Have 2-3 comfy massage chairs where they can sit and relax.

This would give them time to enjoy the experience and view the store inventory.

10, Yoga Class

Yoga is on the rise. Work with local yoga instructor and offer FREE space to host yoga class once a month. Choose the class time when you have lowest foot traffic into your store.

11, Animal Adoption

Work with local animal shelter and offer Dog/Cat adoption station once a month.

This will help bring people inside your boutique.

12, Startup Launch

Allow your local startup to have a launch table or get together at your store. This will bring new customers who might not have heard of your boutique before.

13, Meet the Designer

Host an even where customers meet the designer and take pictures. You can pitch in with alcohol and let the designer bring in the people they know. You will be able to expose your store to a new audience.

14, Sidewalk Drawing

Draw a walkway on the sidewalk, leading towards your store. You can draw footsteps on the sidewalk, that people can follow, leading to your store. You should make it more interesting by offering a treasure hunt and a reward to someone who discovers it.

15, Pet the Dog

If you have a dog, have him sit outside your store. People walking around will come to pet the dog and would notice your boutique.

16, Apple Store

I’ll admit it, I have done this few times. Visit your local Apple Store and leave your boutique’s website open on all iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks.

As other people open the iPhone, they will notice your website. I know, it’s tough to determine if this converts into traffic but it’s fun thing to do 🙂

17, Whiteboard

Leave a white board outside your store and encourage people to draw something. Give them an open topic, such as e.g: Women Empowerment, Social Awareness etc. and let them draw.

Make it a community drawing experiment and people would love it. It will enable people to gather around your boutique as they draw and you can have a conversation with them.

At the end of the day, take a picture and share it on social media. I can guarantee, if you share on social media, the people who participated in the drawing would be much more likely to re-share and comment on it.

18, Local Live Band

Every city has aspiring local bands that are looking for exposure.

Invite them to play at your store on the weekend and drive additional traffic.


I know some of these ideas might appear funny or silly but you never know which one could work.

The goal of this post is to encourage you to try unconventional ways for marketing and test to see which one works for you.

If you have tried a new way and it worked for you, please leave it in the comments and would love to hear about it.

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  1. Nicole says:

    I really liked the KIDS WALL idea. My customers are mom’s and often come with kids to the store. This could be great way to promote art and get them to revisit the store.

    • Vishal Kalia says:

      thank you Nicole

  2. Anastasia says:

    Thank you for these ideas. It’s in perfect correlation with the society trends. I love it !!

    • Vishal Kalia says:

      thank you Anastasia

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