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12 Online Video Trends for your 2017 Media Plan


Online video has taken the internet by storm and is advertently changing media plan for fashion brands. Who would have guessed that YouTube which was sold to Google in 2006 for barely $1.65 Billion dollars would become 2nd largest search engine after Google. And would be worth more than $70 Billion in just 10 years, according to Fortune magazine.

The rise of online video creation and consumption has lead to a multitude of opportunities. Especially for fashion brands, it provides an opportunity to engage with their audience by telling the brand’s story.

YouTube: As you can see, data from Google Trends, 50% of 18-34 year old would diligently watch videos created by their favorite YouTube creator. Two-thirds of the YouTube users watch it on the second screen while they are watching TV.

As a fashion brand, how can you leverage this behavior?

•  Imagine launching a time sensitive sales offer for a low selling item by creating a fun video that you know at least 50% of your loyal audience will watch it. It could lead to more users visiting your website and making the purchase.

•  Create a video that connects you with ‘cause’ millennials care about and it will create loyalty towards your brand


Twitter user’s and usage has its own significance. It is a great platform to share short videos that showcase business & meaningful side of your brand.

82% of Twitter users watch video on Twitter & having a native video on Twitter can lead to 2.5 times replies, 2.8 times Retweets & 1.9 times Favorites.

As a Fashion Brand, how can you leverage this behavior?

•  The more followers you have on Twitter, the better your brand is perceived. Therefore, adding native video content can increase engagement, thus leading to more followers.

•  Showcasing launch of a new clothing item with a celebrity via Twitter video with appropriate hashtags could lead to more retweets and engagement.

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Facebook marketing strategy is crucial for any fashion brand to succeed in today’s world. According to data from, 100 million hours of video is watched by Facebook users on mobile, every day.

And 85% of Facebook video is being watched without sound, this is extremely critical. When you create a video for Facebook, you have to create it in such a way that it should make sense to the user without any sound.

As a Fashion brand, how can you leverage this behavior?

•  Use Facebook Live video to showcase behind the scenes footage from your company or fashion show.

•  Create FB video, so that it appeals to user’s sense of ‘seeing’ without appealing to the sense of ‘sound.’ The video could be colorful, shorter in length, creates a sense of awe or shock, etc.

•  When you have created it, have your co-workers watch it without sound to see if the video makes sense to them and if it doesn’t, you need to get back to drawing board.

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Teens and Millennials behavior is also changing online and should be radically influencing your next video marketing strategy.



DMA’s SFB reports that the average consumer is connected thru 5 addressable devices, which means that all of your content (video or text) need to be tested and compatible with all devices. And it should provide wonderful experience regardless of the device.

Consumer behavior has changed and video has become a critical part of any video marketing strategy and keep the above statistics in mind as you create your Media Plan for 2017 because it could make or break your fashion brand.


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