demand generation interview questions

100 Demand Generation Interview Questions for You.

Maximize your chances of getting hired as a demand generation rockstar.
Product Pricing tips

Adding a decoy led 52% customers to choose expensive option | Product Pricing

Discover how you can increase your revenue by 15% - 20 %.
AB testing

CTA Button Terminology Matters – Choose Wisely

Action & emotion-oriented words work the best when you want users to take action.
questions data science can answer

25 Questions Data Science Can Answer for Your Clothing Biz

5 categories: A/B testing, Clustering, Predictions, Anomalies & Hypothesis questions data science can answer for you.
artificial intelligence in business

5 Point Checklist to Implement Artificial Intelligence in Your Business.

Step by Step process to evaluate an Artificial Intelligence technology before you think about implementing in your business.
artificial intelligence applications

Artificial Intelligence Applications Affecting 14 Areas of Fashion

Trend Forecasting, Clothing Insurance, AI Fashion Designer, Voice Ordering etc.
will Ai replace fashion designers

Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Fashion Designers?

Discover how Amazon, Stitch Fix, and Myntra are using Artificial Intelligence to create new designs.
copywriting formulas

19 Best Copywriting Formulas for Social Media Posts

Are you dreaming of more clicks and engagement on social media? Use these effective copywriting formulas and skyrocket your post views easily!
coupon submission sites

105 Coupon Submission Sites

Submit your coupon on these sites to get more traffic.
Event: Customer Acquisition and Retention strategies

Event Highlights with LE TOTE, STITCH FIX & Betabrand

Key points and tools list from a discussion on customer acquisition & retention strategies.
email opt in mistakes

7 Email Opt-in Mistakes You Are Making & How to Fix Them

Are you wondering why your website visitors are not entering their emails in your email opt in offer?
shopping cart abandonment

12 Ways to Prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment & 3 Ways to Bring Customers Back

Bring them back by Email marketing, Ad targeting & Exit intent offers