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Topics include: Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, SEO, Facebook ads, Email marketing etc.

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Why I started this?

I have been working in marketing, growth & technology for 13+ years & mentor various fashion designers. 

As I mentored various fashion designers at the Fashion Incubator at Bloomingdales’s I discovered the challenges & struggles fashion designers face w.r.t. understanding nuances of growing their business. I often saw them being bombarded with information about new technologies that lead to more confusion than clarity. 

In order to help fashion designers & beauty experts, I created a simple resource center, where you can find: 

  • A curated list of 200+ tools
  • Free Downloadable Marketing Templates
  • Free Blog topic generator tool
  • Free Video Tutorials &
  • Simple explanations of technologies w.r.t. retail & beauty industry.

    • Topics include Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Facebook advertising, SEO, Email marketing, etc. 

All the information is free for you to use and is specifically tailored for the fashion, retail & beauty industry. 

My goal is to educate, inform and simply marketing & AI technologies for you, so you can learn, grow your business and become successful.